News & Announcements

Living History Day

On Tuesday, our Fifth Graders participated in a Living History Day that featured student presentations, a musical performance, an 18th-Century feast, artwork and artifacts on display, and Hands-On History stations run by parent volunteers.

Computer Science

Our fourth grade students are honing their video creation and editing skills and becoming the creators of their own content.

First Grade

This week our first graders became data collectors in our new math lesson all about representing data and analyzing graphs

Fourth Grade

Our fourth graders became “Jane” yesterday on a field trip to the Museum of Natural History!

Music with Ms. Contreras

As the fourth, fifth and sixth graders continue progressing on their musical journeys, the biggest news is that we can finally do a bit of careful singing!

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders are off to a fantastic start with their first argument essay about Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

Third Grade

When readers talk about a book they are reading, they will often tell you about the characters in their book.


Our science classes are gearing up to prepare for Earth Day next month to raise awareness on some important topics.

Fourth Grade Market

The fourth graders will be hosting a ‘market’ next month to benefit a cause they choose to support.
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