News & Announcements

Fifth Grade

Students read several articles and engaged in heated discussions to decide if chocolate milk should be an option in schools.

Library News

Mrs. Bravin is very excited to announce that Crestview’s virtual Book eFair goes live next Friday May 14th!


Our third grade CREST students have succeeded in making big impacts this year.

PEMDAS - Sixth Grade Math

Students have been building skills such as combining like terms, evaluating expressions following PEMDAS, and solving basic equations.

Computer Science with Ms. Lee

Students can use digital citizenship skills in order to safely participate in communities and make wise decisions on the computer.

Surf Club

Last weekend the Crestview Surf Club hosted a Beach Clean-Up at Zuma Beach!

Science - Second Grade

Students explored how the starting position, wheel shape and size as well as other factors can affect the motion of wheels/systems.
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