News & Announcements

Computer Science with Ms. Lee

Students can use digital citizenship skills in order to safely participate in communities and make wise decisions on the computer.

Surf Club

Last weekend the Crestview Surf Club hosted a Beach Clean-Up at Zuma Beach!

Science - Second Grade

Students explored how the starting position, wheel shape and size as well as other factors can affect the motion of wheels/systems.

Computer Science with Mr. DeClerk

After almost a full year of programming using HTML, Python, Javascript, and block coding the sixth grade took their knowledge of all things computer science and created projects guided by their own interests.

Music with Ms. Contreras

While the fourth graders may have been staying close to home this trimester, we ventured across the world and took a virtual trip to the African country of Ghana.

Colonial America - Fifth Grade

In-person learning returned to Crestview just in time for Fifth Graders to experience hands-on history for our Colonial America Unit.


Third grade is an exciting year in art class. We will continue to focus on the National Core Art Standards: Creating, Presenting, Responding, and Connecting.
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