Why Crestview

As you explore Crestview for your child, we offer these four reasons to answer the question, "Why Crestview?"

Academic Excellence 

The Crestview program fosters a solid foundation of basic knowledge, good study habits and sound thinking skills to tackle complex concepts that capture the imagination and curiosity. Our teachers bring to the classroom the right mix of challenge that will engage students and the opportunity for success and fun that will encourage them.

We recognize that what children do in school is called "learning," not "knowing." Children need the opportunity to strive, to persist, and experience success. This is how true self-esteem is developed.

student working
Crestview's band

Respect for Childhood

We strive to give children an environment that meets the unique needs of childhood. The structure and nurturing children need is achieved through holding high expectations for them. Our school day balances academics, creative pursuits, and physical development in a loving and safe community.

Even our playground with the magical rocketship reflects the Crestview spirit that honors childhood sprinkled with imagination and wonder. At Crestview, kids can be kids.



Elementary-Age Focus 

Children ages 5-12 have the gift of a culture that respects childhood. Crestview provides a foundation of academic preparedness, core values, friendships, and a confidence to succeed. Community is fostered through our ‘reading buddies’ program that pairs students across grade-levels. Upper elementary students are given leadership opportunities through Spirit Council and Eco Club. Students are prepared and supported as they become ready for the new experiences and friendships adolescence brings.

student working
Crestview's band

A Family-Centered School Community

Crestview attracts students from a number of local communities, yet has the feel of a neighborhood school. Its community holds a shared value for child-driven academic environments where respect and responsibility are practiced.

Our intimacy is created by both our size and the engagement of parents and extended family. The strong culture of parent participation creates friendships among parents as well as children. When given the opportunity, Crestview families are ready to "roll up their sleeves" and get to work for the good of the community. The connection among Crestview children and families continues long after the school day ends, even years after the students graduate.