Financial Assistance

"Education is the single most important job of the human race." - George Lucas

At Crestview, socio-economic diversity is important, we want all mission-appropriate students wishing to attend our school to have the opportunity. While Crestview Preparatory School has made every effort to maintain a reasonable, affordable tuition, we recognize that the cost of an independent school education is a sizeable investment in your child's future. Because of this, the school has allocated funds dedicated to helping families with a demonstrated financial need with tuition assistance. Such need is defined as the difference between the school's tuition and what the family can reasonably contribute. Crestview's financial assistance is strictly need-based.

Each family's individual financial circumstances are carefully and confidentially reviewed to ascertain need. Parents complete a confidential online application and financial statement through Financial Assistance for School Tuition (FAST). FAST applies a standard formula to help determine the level of need and provides a report to the school.


The determination of financial need is based on multiple factors such as family income, number of children, other tuition, unusual medical expenses, taxes, assets, liabilities, etc. Financial assistance at Crestview is intended to help those who truly experience need and are willing to make a good-faith effort to pay as able, therefore the process will differentiate between necessary expenditures and lifestyle choices that increase expenses or decrease income. The financial assistance committee will use all the available information to make grant decisions. Because of this, it is difficult to offer general guidelines as to who will qualify. If you wish to discuss your particular circumstances, please contact the Head of School or Director of Finance and Operations.

How to Apply
Because of the need-blind admissions policy, you must complete a separate online application and financial statement to request financial assistance.

Financial assistance applications are accessible starting in December for the 2024-2025 school year. 
By February 2
Click on FAST application to complete the online application and financial statement.

By February 20
Submit 2023 tax return to FAST per their online instructions. The school will then be notified that your application is complete.

Late February/Early March
The Financial Assistance Committee will meet to review the completed applications and determine awards. Families of students offered a place at Crestview will receive notification of the committee's decision when enrollment is offered. Families are given a deadline 10-12 days later to accept financial assistance grants and return enrollment contracts.

After March
All incomplete or late applications will be considered as the files become complete and funds are available.

For questions about the application process contact Baudelia Taylor, Head of School or Katie Luna, Director of Finance and Operations