TK-3 Core Curriculum

Crestview is committed to appropriately sequenced and scaffolded academic curriculum that allows students to grow intellectually throughout their educational journey. As an independent school, we maintain high expectations while nurturing individual progress. 
Language Arts 
Our readers gain skills and advance at different rates, instruction is designed to accommodate individual student growth. We use the Reader's Workshop approach to teach reading and phonics. They learn to read through use of authentic text, picture books, chapter books and novels. The goal is to create enthusiastic and confident readers for life!
Students begin to write on a regular basis in kindergarten and throughout their time at Crestview. The emphasis is on helping each child develop a sense of accomplishment and excitement about writing their own words down on paper. We implement Writer's Workshop, as we believe that students strengthen their abilities as writers through editing their own work.



The Balanced Math Approach guides our math instruction at Crestview. We encourage our students to apply math skills to real-life problems, from concrete to conceptual to procedural. Our students develop an understanding of a variety of math concepts like place value, measurement and algebraic thinking; as they learn to problem-solve relevant, everyday math situations. 


Social Studies 

Through thematic units in kindergarten, our students learn to better understand the world around them. As they progress to first grade and beyond, students learn map skills, understand and discuss American history through significant events and people, daily life and culture.