Beyond the Classroom

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Character Education

Recognizing that education is not limited to the classroom or academics, Crestview nurtures the development of strong character and social skills. Our teachers prepare our children to navigate an increasingly complex world. During the year, our students participate in month long workshops lead by our school psychologists. The program includes age-appropriate workshops on interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution and development of coping strategies.



Gifted Education

For students that qualify, CTY Online is offered at Crestview. These challenging courses are taught by faculty from The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth using a blended approach that incorporates email, video and interactive virtual classrooms to deliver instruction. The courses are demanding and paced to meet the needs of gifted students. To learn more about CTY Online and to find out if your child is eligible please visit the following: 


CTYOnline Course List


Lunch Clubs

For those children who want to explore their own interests during the school day, we offer many different lunch clubs, including: Book, Eco, Newspaper, Theater, and Chess. Students drive this program and help propose and run clubs with a faculty advisor. 

Outdoor Education
Students in grades 4-6 participate in off-campus outdoor educational programs. The goals of these trips are to allow our students to experience learning outside the classroom; to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the natural environment; and to build personal independence by traveling with the class rather than with family along with a spirit of unity and teamwork with classmates. The fourth grade participates in a California History and Science exploration through The Ocean Institute at Dana Point Harbor. The fifth grade attends Astrocamp in Idylwild. The sixth grade travels to Catalina for the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program (CELP). All trips are coordinated with our curriculum to provide valuable educational experiences.
Reading Buddies

Crestview prides itself on the strong sense of community within our school and our students. The relationship between older students and younger is warm and caring, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our Reading Buddies Program. Students in grades 3-5 serve as mentors, friends, and, of course, Reading Buddies for students in grades TK/K-2. Together they share many a good book as well as field trips, class presentations, and other engaging activities. Our oldest students in grade 6 serve as school wide role models and leaders as their former young buddies become mentors for the incoming kindergartners.
Spirit Council
Crestview's Spirit Council provides student leadership for school pride and outreach activities. Composed of class representatives elected from grades 4-6, the Spirit Council provides leadership for morning assemblies, hosts Spirit Days for the entire student body to celebrate their school pride, and sponsors all-school community service projects each year. Class representatives are elected each fall to serve for the year.
Intramural sports in flag football, basketball, and track and field are open to all interested upper elementary students. One sport is offered each season, with a required commitment of attending weekly practices and games. Through their participation, students gain the ability to work as a part of a team, build friendships and athletic skills. Additionally, they learn to be dedicated teammates and good sportsmen and women regardless of wining or losing. Go Rockets!