Alumni Arena

Sophie Kim - Class of 2013
Crestview congratulates  Sophie Kim on being chosen as the Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate! Sophie, class of 2019 Harvard Westlake is pictured here with Runner Up, Finn Kobler (left) and 2nd Runner Up, Cyrus Roberts (right). We look forward to hearing more of Sophie’s accomplishment in a future edition of the Rocket Blast!
Paul DeBellis - Class of 2000
Hello Crestview Grads, past present and future! I'm Paul DeBellis, class of 2000. Yes, I began kindergarten in 1993, and on the first day I lost track of my class's line and got "lost." Mrs. Hanna rescued me, pointed me in the right direction, and it was all good for the next seven years. It's great to see Mrs. Savoie and Ms. G. still there! I'm a java developer now, working on the Avatar sequels, and I love what I do. I owe my solid educational foundation to my years at Crestview!
Sofia Segal - Class of 2017
My name is Sofia Segal, and I went to Crestview from kindergarten through sixth grade. I just graduated from Crestview last year, and I am currently  finishing seventh grade at Poly. If it weren’t for Crestview, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today. Sixth grade’s homework certainly prepared me well for seventh grade. There was so much of it! Especially Mrs. Jones’ box-and-bullet notes. One of my fondest memories is zip-lining at Astro Camp in fifth grade. I was so scared, but my friends cheered me on, and it was the most exhilarating experience. I took dance this year at Poly, and enjoyed it so much! It reminded me of doing Ms. G’s dance/PE unit, doing the chicken dance with all my old friends.
Nicholas Park - Class of 2007
Over the last few years, I have begun to realize Crestview has taught me the fundamentals and discipline that develops a well-rounded student. To this day I still remember starting every morning inside the Rocket Ship, and ending every evening in the sandbox. After attending the Walk-A-Thon a couple of Sundays ago -- I came home to start digging through the old arts, crafts, and memories that I created years ago at Crestview. During this time I found a series of photos that Mrs. Ragus took in my Kindergarten class with some of my newly created experiences and aspirations. Reflecting on these experiences made me realize that Crestview is an integral part of my life.
Crestview provided me with the necessary tools to achieve and acclaim success in several ventures throughout my life,and helped me thrive at Ribet Academy. Attending Mrs. G’s P.E. classes helped me reach varsity football as a sophomore, eventually being inducted into the College Football Scholastic Hall of Fame, a nationwide award given to students that exhibit strengths in athletics, scholastics, and community service. Beyond Ribet-- I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to play at Franklin Pierce University, located in New Hampshire. It was here that I achieved business honors and my passion for finance. Now back in Southern California, I work as a financial professional for a not-for-profit fraternal benefits organization. After what seems like a long road, I find myself more grateful than ever, for what I learned at Crestview.
Sarah Hansen - Class of 2016
I graduated from Crestview in 2016 and have been attending Westridge School. I plan to continue through high school, starting next year. I play the oboe and enjoy playing in the Verdugo Youth Musicians’ Association orchestra.  I also enjoy theatre and have a part in Westridge’s upcoming play. I love to ski and recently learned how to do 360’s and skied my first double black diamond run at Steamboat, Colorado over spring break. My favorite memories of Crestview are from the early years. In Mrs. Ragus’ kindergarten class I recall making “gingerbread” people and chasing after them after they had “run away.”  Then in Mrs. Adams’ first grade class I have fond memories of building traps for leprechauns, and seeing the mess they made as evidence of their presence on St. Patrick’s Day. Crestview prepared me well for Westridge by introducing good study skills and habits at an early age.
Ani Bernardi - Class of 2014
I attended Crestview from kindergarten to sixth grade, graduating in 2014. I am currently a sophomore at Flintridge Prep, and I would not be where I am today without my experiences from elementary school. Crestview taught me the skills I needed to tackle the academics and social life in middle school. All of the teachers and faculty were always so supportive and encouraging of everything I did, and I am very thankful for that. They created a warm, comfortable community in which students could thrive and try new things without worrying about failure. One of my favorite memories from Crestview was “Walking Through the Ancient World” in sixth grade. It was so much fun being put on team Rome and acting out different historical figures with my friends. I have been playing volleyball throughout middle school and high school, and will continue to play in my junior and senior years. Besides volleyball, I enjoy playing the piano and spending time with my friends and family. I love attending Flintridge Prep and knowing that I am a Crestview alum.
Sofie Corbett - Class of 2017
I am currently in seventh grade at Flintridge Prep. My favorite subject right now is creative writing. I believe that all of the writing I did at Crestview really helped prepare me for this year. Learning how to write from different perspectives and in different styles was not only enjoyable but very helpful. Being part of the debate team at Crestview was also very rewarding. I got a lot of experience with public speaking and intense research which has ultimately helped me when competing in tournaments on the Speech and Debate team at Prep. My teachers at Crestview were very encouraging and supportive and made my experience the best that it could be. I miss them and look forward to visiting the campus and reliving some of my wonderful memories there again soon.
Conrad Jensen - Class of 2012
My memories of Crestview span from Kindergarten with Mrs. Ragus to sixth grade with Mr. Bache, and many points in between, but especially playing with my friends at lunch by the tree. Initially, I struggled with reading, spelling, and writing. But I attribute my success and easy transition into high school in part to my Crestview teachers, my perseverance, and Mrs. Dorio. The teachers nurtured my curiosity, quiet nature, and willingness to learn, but Mrs. Dorio helped with my visual processing issue in second grade. She encouraged me to read and  I moved from being a reluctant reader to an avid reader, with her patient instruction and referral for visual therapy. Last semester, as a senior at St. Francis High School, I received the Hall of Fame award for the fifth time for being in the top four in my class for the quarter. Without vision therapy and a lot of work, that would not have been possible. I have been involved in robotics, cross country, National Honor Society and the Rubiks Cube club. Currently, I am the President of the Science Research Club and a LINK Leader. I became an Eagle scout last year after beginning my journey over ten years ago as a tiger cub with many friends in Den 5 at Crestview. Next year, I plan to study aerospace engineering and eventually pursue my doctorate. 
Annette Lee - Class of 2013
My name is Annette Lee, and I attended Crestview from grades 2-5 before transferring to my current school, Polytechnic School in Pasadena. I am now a junior in high school. I love the opportunities Poly has to offer, especially in regards to its strong academic and arts programs. Poly is truly a place in which I can feel comfortable speaking my mind, stretch myself across disciplines, and know that I will always have the support to succeed. However, I can wholeheartedly attribute much of my success and enjoyment at Poly to my years at Crestview. During my years at Crestview, I was able to develop tremendously as an individual with the support of the wonderful faculty and staff. The combination of academic learning and exposure to different arts was a great foundational experience that helped me find my interests and pursue them without trouble at Poly. It was at Crestview that I developed a love for science and found my passion for music while playing with my peers in the string orchestra, and I can never forget that.
After my years at Crestview, I have continued to take part in many musical endeavors. Last summer, I won the American Harp Society National Competition in the Intermediate I division and was awarded the special Libby Larson prize for one of the pieces. Furthermore, most recently, I was selected as a winner of the 2018 National YoungArts Foundation (YoungArts) Classical Music category with the harp and was invited to attend National YoungArts Week in Miami. It was here I had the chance to present my work, collaborate and perform a chamber music piece, meet students from a variety of other disciplines, and participate in master classes and workshops with internationally recognized artists. Crestview nurtured my love for many of my current interests, and many of the experiences I led in elementary school, have made me who I am today.
Ollin DeAntonio - Class of 2016
I attended Crestview for seven years and loved it. It’s an amazing school where I made friends, learned, and grew into the person I am today. One favorite memory at Crestview was the fifth grade trip to Astrocamp where we created rockets out of recycled bottles that we shot up into the sky. Crestview prepared me for Harvard-Westlake, I am now in eighth grade and enjoying my school. I play for Harvard-Westlake’s soccer team, as well as, for the Crescenta Valley Soccer Club. I am proud that our team won the middle school Delphic League soccer championship two years in a row. I look forward to playing soccer in high school. When I am not in school, I enjoy international adventures, traveling around the world. Crestview was a great school and I am proud to be an alum.
Cole Demonteverde - Class of 2016

My family has been a member of the Crestview community for thirteen years. I am currently an eighth grader at The Chandler School. Throughout my years at Crestview, I learned many valuable lessons and had many valuable experiences. I specifically remember the CELP trip to Catalina in sixth grade. While there, I strengthened my bonds with my classmates, as well as becoming more knowledgeable about the environment and the challenges that we face today. As far as extracurriculars, I have played baseball for nine years and look to continue my career in high school and at the collegiate level. My athletic experiences brought me all the way to Cooperstown, NY for a baseball tournament. I found it truly inspiring to play in the birthplace of baseball. The teachers and curriculum at Crestview prepared me extremely well for the academic and social challenges I would face in middle school. I am thankful for all that I learned during my time at Crestview, and am proud to be an alumnus.
Melanie Ng - Class of 2015

I attended Crestview for seven years and graduated with the class of 2015. I have an older brother who also graduated from Crestview, and my younger brother is currently in the sixth grade. One of my favorite memories from Crestview was in Mrs. Greig’s class when I got to take Kinderturtle home for a week. Another was ceramics in art, I still love creating new pieces every day in my elective class. I am currently a freshman at Flintridge Preparatory School. I enjoy English, as well as hanging out with my friends. I’ve been playing soccer since kindergarten and I am having a lot of fun on the school’s varsity team. Outside of school, I participate in Girl Scouts, I have been in the same troop since kindergarten at Crestview, so it’s nice to get to see them at our meetings. Overall, I’m really enjoying my school and all the activities I participate in.
Jack Fuetterer - Class of 2015

My name is Jack Fuetterer and I’m a Crestview graduate, class of 2015. I’m now a freshman attending LACHSA, the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in the Cinematic Arts Department. I get to live my dream there every day using state of the art cinematography equipment. The very first project I was involved in there was the 64 Film Festival. I worked with a group of mostly senior students to put together a completed film in 64 hours hence the name. Our team won Best Film. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing start to my high school experience. But, I couldn’t have gotten there without all I learned from Crestview first. One of my best experiences at Crestview was helping Mr. DeClerk with networking, iPad distribution and any other tasks that were needed. I learned so much about computers and audio visual gear from working with him. In fact, I still work with him over the summer helping to upgrade the ever improving systems that make Crestview such a great place to learn.