You will always be a member of the Crestview Community.

As an elementary school, Crestview is both a student's foundation and launching pad for the rest of your academic career and for life. Our graduates have a reputation for having a strong academic foundation, an empathy for others, and strong commitment to their community.

You are, in essence, the school’s history. No other group can speak with as much authority on the many and profound ways the Crestview experience can influence the lives of students.


We are proud of our graduates. You are one of a distinguished group of people who have a memorable shared experience; friends for life, teachers who cared, the rocketship, Halloween parade, pizza days, unforgettable field trips, and hopefully, a love and appreciation for excellence in education and the arts that will last your entire life.


At the culmination of their High School career, six short years after leaving Crestview, the graduates gather once again as a class to share fond memories of their elementary years and their experiences in secondary school. It is a wonderful celebration of who they have become and, sometimes, how little they have changed. With the close friends of their childhood, they reveal their dreams for college and the future.
Stay Connected!  
Keep in touch with your classmates and friends. Help us to help you stay connected by updating your contact information. Please let us know of any new addresses, emails, and phone numbers.


Do you have a favorite memory of Crestview you would like to share? We want to hear about your achievements, family, marriage, hobbies, travels, work and other facets of your life since your days at Crestview.

Alumni are invited to stay in contact us at [email protected].