Sharing our money unit with the kindergarteners is a fun and interactive experience! We use real coins for hands-on learning. Students enjoy touching and feeling the coins and noticing the words and pictures on them. We have observed the likenesses of different presidents, the variety of sizes, and the rough or smooth textures of the coin edges. We are also learning the value of these coins. The big find was locating the minting date and realizing how long ago some coins were made. We found one coin from 1959! We are also connecting our knowledge of money to real-life situations. For example, we discussed how people use coins to buy items at the store. 

In addition to our money unit, we are celebrating Earth Day with a variety of activities. This week, our kindergarteners made their own bird feeders out of recycled materials and we walked around the school looking for perfect trees on which to hang them. We hope to draw our California birds to our campus so we might hear their beautiful songs here at Crestview.