Upper Elementary Science

Our recent Science Fair was a tremendous success! Our students showcased a wide range of projects, including AI recognition, a leaning tower of pizza, and a robot with a battery-operated spinning LED light. In preparation for the fair, our 5th and 6th graders delved into the scientific process, learning about hypotheses, controlled variables, independent variables, and dependent variables. They constructed experiments and shared their interests with the lower elementary students, sparking curiosity and exploration across grades.
Over the next several weeks, our 6th grade class will embark on the intriguing "Future City" project. They will apply their understanding of climate change to design a floating city, demonstrating creativity and innovation in addressing environmental challenges. Meanwhile, our 5th grade students have begun their unit on ecosystems. They will be tackling the issue of sloths and jaguars facing challenges in the rainforests of Costa Rica, exploring solutions and developing a deeper understanding of how ecosystems function. As for our 4th graders, they are wrapping up their unit on Earth's features, gaining insights into the diverse landscapes and geological formations that shape our planet.