Sixth Grade

Our sixth grade class recently had the opportunity to visit Noitom Studios on a field trip! During the visit, they explored the world of motion capture and the inner workings of a real-life film studio. They learned that motion capture involves actors wearing special suits with sensors, which track their movements using infrared cameras in real time. These movements are then translated into digital animations that breathe life into fantastical creatures, superheroes, and so much more. They also gained insights into how science, computer science, engineering, and math collaborate to create art. Walking through their workshops, we witnessed 3D printers, a wood shop, and laser cutters working together to bring models of cars, buildings, and an octopus to life!

Some lucky students were chosen to wear motion capture suits, stepping into digital avatars' shoes and experiencing the magic of virtual reality firsthand. As they navigated through virtual landscapes and interacted with digital elements, they gained an appreciation for the boundless possibilities of technology and its role in shaping the future. Our journey to Noitom Studios was not just a field trip but a transformative experience that illuminated the endless connections between imagination and innovation.