Design Thinking

By this time of the year, Crestview design thinkers know what to expect during our time together, and sometimes what they expect is....the unexpected! Together, we are navigating the process of experimenting with creative solutions to problems, and we're finding out that this process involves a lot of trial and error. Whenever we have a disappointment, we learn to adjust our thinking, adapt to working with the available supplies, and share ideas to work together for a better outcome. Our students are proud of all their work in Design Thinking, and they are learning that it is not really about creating a polished, finished project they can take home. Rather, it is about working together, sharing responsibility, bouncing ideas off one another, being resilient, and using supplies efficiently! 
We have learned that having an economy in which students earn currency, called Crest Bucks, to buy supplies gives design thinkers a chance to practice a little math and a lot of wise decision-making. They must always pay for supplies with the exact dollar amount as we don't give change, they may not return supplies they have bought, and they must discuss and figure out the wisest purchases for what they are trying to accomplish with their group members. The kids have "wallets," and they love this revision to how supplies are distributed in the Design Thinking Lab. Who knew that problem-solving could be so much fun?