Environmental Science

In this week’s Environmental Science class, we enjoyed taking part in a beloved third grade tradition called circle painting. This project is an easy and concise way to introduce and illustrate the importance of collaboration. These lessons teach vital skills in unity, empathy, and teamwork, which we believe are essential for any class at Crestview.  

The project invites children to gather around tables with individual canvases and a cup of paint. There are not many rules, but the few we have are very important: you can only paint circles, you can not paint over someone else's circles, and you must calmly rotate to a different canvas after one minute.  No one really knows which one of the paintings is “theirs,” though some of them try to figure it out. Initially, this can be challenging for some.  However, as the project progresses, a transformation occurs. The rigid boundaries of "my painting" blur into the fluidity of "everyone's painting." This shift is the project's first lesson: collaboration is not about losing oneself but finding a harmonious way to co-create. This sense of belonging and achievement is a powerful motivator for students, instilling the confidence that they can overcome challenges and reach new heights together. The painting becomes a colorful testament to the importance of working together, respecting each other's ideas, and celebrating shared successes.