Fifth Grade

Our fifth grade students just embarked on another journey through time as they delved into an immersive and month-long research project on the original thirteen colonies. Each student chose a specific colony that captured their interest, setting the stage for a deep dive into history. Armed with curiosity, they embraced the challenge of becoming experts on their chosen colonies. 

First, students navigated the vast world of information to learn about their colonies from a minimum of three sources, including library books. They learned the importance of thorough research and how to extract valuable information from various mediums. With determination and resilience, fifth graders wrote well-polished, informative research papers, which they then brought to life through beautifully crafted Google Slide presentations. With their papers and presentations ready, students delivered oral reports on their colonies. Our fifth graders became confident speakers, proudly sharing their expertise with their classmates.

This step-by-step process, complete with several due dates, was vital in helping them
stay organized. This month-long journey wasn’t just about discovering the colonies; it was
also an invaluable lesson in research skills, time management, and the ability to tackle
multi-faceted assignments.