February has been an exciting month for our Kindergarten class, filled with so many engaging activities that left us brimming with joy and knowledge. Let’s take a moment to highlight some of the wonderful things we have done throughout the month.
First, we had the unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich traditions of Lunar New Year. The highlight of this celebration was the chance to try on traditional Korean clothing called Hanbok. Decked out in beautiful colors and exquisite designs, we delighted in the experience, which fostered an appreciation for cultural diversity within our community.
Next, we delved into the fascinating topics of hibernation and migration! We discovered how certain animals adapt to winter by hibernating while others embark on long journeys to migrate to warmer climates. Through hands-on engineering projects, students carefully constructed a cozy hibernation den for our hedgehog friends to rest in during winter.
Finally, we joyfully celebrated the 100th day of school! The entire class participated in various engaging activities centered around the number 100. From counting 100 steps to creative projects, we had a blast while reinforcing our numeracy skills. We had so much fun celebrating this major milestone!