Band and String Ensembles

With the spring concert still a long way off, the strings ensemble and the advanced and beginning bands take this time of the year to hone their skills. String players work on gaining control of small muscle groups, such as those in the fingers, wrists, and arms. This allows for skillful bow movement, as well as, proper finger placement, so that Crestview musicians apply the right amount of pressure on a string, at the right location and moment. Wind players strive for smoothness as they raise or release their keys or valves, and they also focus on developing mouth and tongue muscles, which control the flow of air through their instruments. Percussionists work on holding their drumsticks properly for volume control, which will allow them to learn more and more advanced playing techniques.  

Each instrument has its own unique set of challenges, and each morning it is inspiring to see these young instrumentals concentrating their efforts on building these skills while having a grand time making music with their friends.