Environmental Science

We have been all about worms in Kindergarten! Introducing kindergartners to the importance of earthworms in the ecosystem is so much fun!! This unit includes soil exploration, learning the earthworm's life cycle, building a worm hotel, and the grand finale of observing our own individual worms. Almost all the kids got right in there during our worm observation and handling activity. Some students chose to observe from afar, which was equally acceptable. Teaching kindergarteners about earthworms is a wonderful way to introduce them to basic concepts in biology and ecology, and it provides a great example of how living organisms play important roles in our environment. Since earthworms are integral to creating healthy soil, this investigation sets the stage for participating in the Crestview compost program. Our favorite part of this unit is that it not only educates the students about these tiny creatures and their life cycles but also fosters a sense of curiosity and respect for our natural world.