Design Thinking

Our Crestview first through sixth graders are taking off with their empathy, their ideations, and their creative solutions in Design Thinking. The first graders noticed how much the upper elementary students love to play in Crestview Park and empathized with this. Now they are starting to design a playground for the fourth through sixth graders. Our second graders have empathized with airplane passengers who sit in the main cabin and are brainstorming alternate seating arrangements to make airplane rides more comfortable. Third grade students are learning the skeletal structures of beavers, golden retrievers, lions, and otters as background for making models of prosthetic tails and legs. We are looking forward to a virtual field trip in March with biomedical engineer Kevin Carroll, who designed the prosthetic tail for Winter, the dolphin. 

The fourth grade is redesigning our Design Thinking Lab space. They have learned about architectural scale and drawn out ideas on both graph paper and the ground with chalk. Fifth grade students will have the opportunity to learn 18th century trades, including but not limited to bookbinding, carpentry, weaving, wig making, and printing to integrate with their social studies learning.
Our sixth graders are dedicating themselves to raising real "Cabbage Patch Kids" and protecting them from our resident desert cottontail rabbit. These students have each named their cabbage plant and are currently shopping with a $5.00 budget to design and build a contraption to protect their "adopted children." 
We can't wait to share all our solutions!