Design Thinking

The third graders have been writing monster stories with Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Wiard, so we decided to create monster habitats in Design Thinking. First, we posited this scenario: What if humans threatened monsters? This generated discussion among the third graders, who empathized with the monsters, discussing how the monsters would feel scared and want their habitats to be fortified from humans to feel safe. We talked about defensive protective measures students might use (i.e. moats, thorns, and wooden spikes sticking out of military redoubts, fortifications in hard-to-reach places like on the side of a cliff or on the top of a mountain). Students' problem solving skills were put to test even as they made decisions about what supplies they'd use for this project. Each third grader was given fifty "tickets" for their supply budget, which included options such as LEGO pieces, pipe cleaners, plastic spiders, and plastic fruit containers. Currently, these monster habitats are still in progress, but we look forward to having them on display during parent-teacher conferences no matter their stage of completion. We are all so proud of the work we do here in the Design Thinking Lab!