This week our Kinder kiddos embarked on their very first field trip to Underwood Family Farms! During October we have immersed ourselves in all things farm-related to prepare for our visit, such as crafting different farm animals and studying various fruits and vegetables. When we arrived at the farm we were greeted by Farmer Grant.  We told him all about our knowledge of fruits and veggies, such as how fruits have seeds and vegetables do not! Next, Farmer Grant took us on a tractor ride to the field where we picked beets, carrots, fennel, yellow wax beans, and purple kale to take home to our families. We then ventured over to the barn for our private animal show where we met Penny the pig and Ellie the baby goat! Finally, we ended our day by picking out a pumpkin that will be decorated during our Halloween celebration. We had a blast at the farm and can’t wait to continue the fall festivities for Halloween!