Fifth Grade

In Fifth Grade Social Studies, students have been learning about life in America during the 18th Century. Before Spring Break, Fifth Graders learned a variety of colonial trades, and students took on the role of "Master Cooper," "Master Glassblower," "Master Wigmaker," "Master Carpenter," "Master Tailor," etc. to present the trades they learned to younger students. This week, we had the opportunity to take a field trip to Adam's Forge in Lincoln Heights where we saw a demonstration of blacksmithing by Dossain Valencia, who is a specialist in recreating 18th Century Colonial American ironwork. We are complementing our study of the Revolutionary War with our literature text, The Riddle of Penncroft Farm, and we are looking forward to zooming with the book's author, Dorothea Jensen next Monday. Then, next Thursday, we have our Living History Day where students get to share what they have learned about historical subjects ranging from Columbus and King Henry VIII to Lafayette and Dolley Madison. We are learning, doing and enjoying these last few weeks of Fifth Grade!