Sixth Grade

In reading class, our sixth grade readers have been deeply engaged in a variety of novels including The Devil’s ArithmeticGhost BoysOut of My Mind, and Return to Sender. We used a workshop approach so students got to select a novel that was of high interest to them which further engaged their curiosity and learning. Each of these novels highlight inequities in society and require our students to think outside themselves. The students have had difficult and meaningful conversations about identity, belonging, acceptance and diversity. They have learned that one of the roles of literature is to allow them to experience the world through someone else’s eyes. These conversations have been thoughtful, respectful, and full of meaning for the entire sixth grade. This reading unit culminated with a field trip to the Museum of Tolerance where the students delved into the history of the Holocaust and learned how to be an upstander, not a bystander, in their own lives and in their relations with others. The tour guide was extremely impressed with the maturity of our students, their thoughtful questions, and their obvious respect for each other. We are proud of the maturity displayed by our sixth grade students!