Computer Science with Ms. Calista

As technology continues to evolve, new opportunities arise for students to explore and learn in innovative ways. One exciting example of this is the creation of a virtual reality tour of our school spearheaded by a group of students in fifth grade. They have been working diligently by coding in C# using Unity, a virtual reality software and a VR headset. Our students will be able to capture the essence of our school and provide an immersive experience to anyone who wants to explore it. They have been working together to capture footage of different areas of the school, such as classrooms, hallways, and of course the 4-square area. This has been a fun and engaging project for our students and has the potential to benefit our school for years to come. 

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and it is critical that we educate future generations about its impact and encourage them to take action. That’s why it’s inspiring to see our sixth grade students working together on projects related to climate change. Students worked in groups and across different subjects to research the cause and effects of climate change while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. Future City is a hands-on project that involves designing, engineering, and implementing their solution to climate change. Students used recycled materials to build their cities and have at least one moving part in their design. Their presentations are on March 10th and we are looking forward to learning more about their “Future Cities.”