Fourth Grade

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… It's a 911 dispatcher! Superheroes are all around us; in our communities, our homes, and our schools. The 4th grade students just published their final opinion piece of the trimester titled “Everyday Heroes." By listing reasons and examples, the students used the OREO format to support their opinion and take their first crack at a five paragraph essay. We started the writing piece by brainstorming what a Superhero is and what character traits they display. The students then translated that into their own life; whom they look up to and why that person is an everyday hero in their eyes. Students wrote about doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, ambulance drivers, teachers, construction workers, dispatchers, veterinarians, and even their family members. After going through the writing process, teacher and peer conferences, revisions and edits- the students created an illustration of their superhero. Finally, earlier this week, we had a very special visit from Deputy Sheriff Cho, Maddie Cho’s dad, who came to class to tell us about his job serving the La Canada community. He also spoke to the students about finding volunteer opportunities because it is important to give back. The students are excited to showcase their latest writing in their classrooms this month.