Run, run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man! Our kindergarteners have had a busy past few weeks preparing for our big gingerbread baking day. The kiddos first immersed themselves in different variations of the gingerbread fairy tale, where each book involved a sneaky gingerbread person running off once baked in the oven. After doing a lot of studying, the class felt ready to make some gingerbread of their own. Our little chefs were ready for the challenge, and we were positive that our gingerbread people would not escape… or so we thought! To our surprise, our gingerbread friends had run off in a scurry, and we had no choice but to conduct a school-wide search party. We joined forces with Ms. Mirabian and Ms. Menasi’s class and set out to claim what was rightfully ours. We were relieved and overjoyed to find our gingerbread friends in Crestview Park waiting for us to snack on! Finally, we ended our exciting week with our traditional cookie and book hangout with the 6th graders. We call ourselves the BOOKENDS of Crestview.