Second Grade

Did you smell the wonderful aroma of bread baking around campus the Friday before break? The Second Grade tradition of making pumpkin bread from scratch is alive and well! Students worked in small groups with their parents to read recipe directions, measure out ingredients and mix baking items together. Students learned the differences between cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons. In addition, they learned the handiness of a whisk and the importance of teamwork. The hardest decision was figuring out if chocolate chips should be added to the mixture. Our wonderful parent volunteers kept close eyes on the baking loaves to ensure they didn’t burn and were cooked to the perfect temperature. We are grateful that our fifth grade buddies were able to join us in sampling the delicious pumpkin breads at the end of the day. A lovely way to start our vacation. Many thanks to the families who contributed baking items, Kindergarten for allowing us to use their oven and the numerous volunteers that helped out. The positive energies of the day were felt by many!