H2O For Life, CREST Update

Last school year, our 6th grade CREST class successfully completed a fundraiser to assist in the building of a well in South Sudan. This trimester long project was initially inspired by the book, A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. Through the book, we teamed up with the organization H20 for Life and learned how we could actually help build a well for a school in need.  Using the H20 for Life curriculum, students were able to learn about the global issue of water scarcity. Along with their fundraising project, they also researched and produced an online magazine for the Crestview community.  

During the fundraising week at Crestview, our students successfully quadrupled their goal! Those excess funds led to some terrific news this past week. Together with three other schools, a rainwater collection system was completed at St. Peters Bukanlango School in Uganda. This project alone brought clean water to a school with 23 staff and serving 359 students.  By bringing a rainwater collection system to facility grounds, we helped eliminate up to 25 miles of walking and 24 hours of collection time per day!

The CREST team is so proud of this project and our alumni. We will continue this important
work with the current 6th grade and make it a Crestview tradition!