Sixth Grade

Our sixth grade historians are spending their year immersed in ancient civilizations. They are evaluating and discussing each new civilization based on the acronym GRAPES, which stands for Geography, Religion, Achievements, Polictical Structure, Economics, and Social Structure. We started the year in Mesopotamia where we were treated to a Crestview tradition, the Mr. Nicky song about Mesopotamia. Ask any 6th grader and you will be serenaded.  

As we left the fertile crescent for the fertile delta to learn about the Ancient Egyptians, the connection between the Nile River and Euphrates River became crystal clear. In this unit, we will mummify apples, decorate a sarcophagus, play Senet, and take a virtual field trip to a pyramid. Our historians are fascinated with the mummification process and can already tell you what happens to the brains and other organs! Yes, Mr. Nicky has a song about Egypt which creates an ongoing debate. Which one is better?