Fifth Grade

Fifth graders have been working hard making connections in math and language arts. In math, we have been studying measurement. First, we explored linear units and capacity, followed by weight. We converted between units and solved multiple-step word problems. Exploring the customary system while using manipulatives and locating the units in real life situations, made the lessons come to life. Next, we explored the metric system and easily manipulated the decimal point to increase and decrease various amounts across units. Since converting within the metric system mirrored the base-10 place value system, students were extremely comfortable solving challenging problems. In addition to flexing our math skills, the measurement investigation made it easy for students to include specific, personal details in their writing assignment. When responding to the prompt, "Should the U.S. Switch to the Metric System?," students were able to include their hands-on observations and experiences. The final result was a well written essay with relatable examples to support their thesis.