Fifth Grade

Fifth graders are off to a fantastic start with their first argument essay about Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The assignment is called, Goldilocks: Criminal Mastermind or Innocent Child? First, we brainstormed both sides of the debate. Students were easily able to analyze the story and provide supporting details. For the next part of the writing process, students displayed the information from their brainstorm in a five paragraph organizer and conferred with each other. Then students carefully crafted their first draft. After more peer editing and conferencing, students will be ready to write their final copy. We had many wonderful discussions deciding which side students supported in the exciting argument. Was Goldiocks just a sweet little girl or a criminal guilty of trespassing (unlawful entry), petty theft (stealing porridge), and vandalism (breaking baby bear's chair)?  There are a variety of factors to consider in order to make a decision, and it can be a challenge. However, the majority of fifth graders felt that Goldilocks was definitely guilty.  
In math, students have solidified their understanding of fractions. After adding, subtracting, and multiplying, fifth graders are ready to start dividing fractions soon. We also took the time to review factors to make sure that our fractions are always written in lowest terms. Making factor trees was a fun and hands-on way to remember prime factorization.