Our science classes are gearing up to prepare for Earth Day next month to raise awareness on some important topics. Earlier this month classes brainstormed and selected their topics and are now working on projects that can be put on display around campus. Students are also preparing presentations as well as creating items to contribute to the Fourth-Grade Market. 
Kindergarten is learning about Earth and our native habitat here around Crestview. So far, they have participated in a nature scavenger hunt, used hand lenses to inspect insects, and sorted nature items that were once-living and never-living. Keep an eye out for their tie-dye-inspired planets the week of Earth Day. 
The first graders chose trash as their focus and are learning about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling materials. Plastic containers were repurposed as planters that will go up for sale at the market and students will be participating in a trash cleanup around Crestview next month. Students will continue to learn the "how to's" of recycling and how they can reduce waste at home and in school. 
In second grade, students chose to focus on cross-curricular work between their science and gardening classes. Their bird study unit with Mrs. Davis has inspired them to make Crestview a safe place for our native bird populations. Students used their knowledge of native birds to conduct a Schoolyard Habitat Survey. They found that Crestview lacked appropriate access to water for our native birds while it excelled in providing flowering plants for our native hummingbird population. The second graders are hard at work on a variety of projects that will improve access to larger varieties of food and water for the birds. You may even get to take home a handmade bird feeder at the Fourth Grade Market. 
In third grade, students are focusing on some of the smallest creatures---our native insect population. Students have been researching a variety of native insects and writing and illustrating pages for an insect guide which will continue the work started by past Crestview students. In the coming weeks, students will learn how they can support Crestview's native insect population and work on a new project that will support future generations of insects.
The fourth-grade classes have split their focuses for Earth Day. Ms. Valencia's class has been researching some of California's threatened and endangered species and learning about how we can help keep these species alive for future generations. Each student is creating a missing poster for their species which will be on display the week of Earth Day with the hopes of raising awareness about these beautiful creatures. The idea for this project came from the Endangered Species Coalition which encourages groups and individuals to celebrate Endangered Species Day on May 20th this year. In Ms. Bakers' class, students decided on service learning as their focus. Their goal is to support both Crestview and the local community. Plans are in place to complete a trash clean-up next month and students are currently learning about some of California's native plants in preparation for a possible volunteer opportunity. 
The fifth graders started this month learning about nurdles and the effect they have on the health of our oceans. Students are currently working on projects for Earth Day that focus on the idea of "solving the plastic problem". Groups and partnerships are working together to teach others how to reduce plastic waste and eliminate the current plastic in our oceans. Students have the option of teaching younger students or putting up a display around campus. Creativity and innovation are encouraged as we look towards new solutions for the future.