Library News

Our theme in the library for the month of February has been For the Love of Good Books.
Students have been invited to share with each other books that they love by writing a quick  “I love this book and here’s why” on a sticky note and displaying it along with the book. This has sparked many enthusiastic conversations about books read and books that are musts to read. You can read what some of them said in the pictures below.

Our readers were also asked to reflect on the question “If you could only read ONE book for the rest of your life what would it be?" This sparked much heated debate and questions of do series count? It also inspired further questions. Students were encouraged to dig deeper into why they chose the books they did. What makes a book one you want to read over and over again? Is it the characters, the plot, the themes, how it makes you feel when you spend time in the pages of the story? All of the above? Is one more important than the other? If so why?
During library class there has also been a portion of time set aside to find an especially comfortable reading spot, either among the spaces between the shelves, on a comfy chair, under a table, or stretched out on the story carpet to look at books and read, read, read, sometimes even by flashlight. 
What are some your family’s favorites books that you read again and again?