There has been a lot evolving in the Mindfulness program.  This month in particular we have been highlighting kindness and community.  Lower elementary students created kindness postcards for their fellow classmates that we actually mailed.  Who doesn’t like to receive a kind message in the mail? Third grade had a blast creating bookmarks with encouraging messages to hide in library books. We are not sure what they enjoyed more - making the bookmarks or hiding them! Fourth grade worked together to create a mural highlighting a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King. Fifth grade embarked on a handwork unit that mimics traditional knitting circles. We cannot wait to display their first weaving creations. All of these activities have been helping us connect as a community, an important part of our Mindfulness program.  Speaking respectfully to one another, working as a group to create and problem solve, or doing a random act of kindness for someone in our community helps cultivate not only self awareness and empathy but self confidence within a group. It also nurtures the skills of effective and respectful communication when sharing different opinions and helps hone collaborative skills.  We cannot wait to see what is next!