Physical Education with Ms. G

The goal Health, Fitness, and Safety Unit in P.E. is to introduce and reinforce healthy and safe lifestyle choices. Kindergarten and first grade students are learning about the importance of healthy habits by filling out a healthy habits checklist. The students are focusing on why germs are not for sharing, the importance of being kind to one another, and how exercise benefits your health. By participating in various physical games, second and third grade students are learning how to incorporate healthy habits in everyday life to build and help support their immune system. Through various games and drills, our upper elementary students are learning how physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health plays a big part in being healthy. The students are also focusing on how their heart rates determine how hard they are working by running and circuit training. We watched the bullying of a plant video, and learned how the power of words can affect a person’s mental health. Ultimately, they learn that healty students make better learners.