"Alone we can do little, together we can do so much." said Helen Keller and this is true in our classroom this week! Our kindergarteners have been having fun learning about the important skill of cooperation with some hands-on activities. We all read the story of The Little Red Hen and the various renditions of it-there are a lot. This inspired us to join together in a bread making project. We made sweet and regular loaves of bread to taste test. When the results were in, we realized we love any kind of bread when it’s fresh and warm right out of the bread machine. In addition, we did some team building activities outside where we rolled a foam ball back and forth on pool noodles, moved a hula hoop amongst one another without dropping it and passed a block between markers into a container. We witnessed cooperation at its best! Students were having fun, supporting one another with positive words and collaborating to solve challenges. We look forward to discovering the power of cooperation in more ways in the coming weeks ahead.