Cub Scouts for Girls and Boys K-5

Get started in Cub Scouts through Pack 512! We have students from the above two schools and local community. Cub Scouts is a volunteer-based, year-round, family-oriented program designed for boys and girls in kindergarten through 5th grade. The Cub Scouts program aims to build community, and to prepare youth to grow into self-reliant and dependable adults, all while having fun in a safe environment. Pack 512 hosts monthly meetings, camping activities, and other events for Scouts and their families. Lessons and workshops are incorporated into the various activities to teach the scouts and build their sense of citizenship, duty, respect, courage, and confidence. Dens are small, single-gender groups of boys or girls at the same rank (and grade). They work together to complete a range of achievements, such as hiking, camping, whittling, cooking, STEAM projects, and community service, which help them become well rounded in their skills and experiences. This foundational work helps prepare them for the BSA program and ultimately earning their Eagle. Our school historically has had great success with our scouts moving through to the higher ranks and using their leadership skills to impact this and other communities. If your child is interested in joining scouts, or if you’d like more information, visit our website: