Congratulations Class of 2021!

The quaintness of holding the event on campus did not detract from the usual pomp and circumstance of a traditional Crestview sixth grade graduation, there was an abundance of well wishes, fabulous musical performances, moving speeches and overall cheer.
The graduation commenced with a warm welcome from Ms. Baudelia to students, parents and guests. It was followed by featured student speeches and musical performances from the band and choir. Lilah M. and Morgan M. delivered heartfelt and powerful remarks about their journey at Crestview. 
Ms. Baudelia's address to students highlighted the Class of 2021’s patience, resilience and perseverance. She reminded them of all they have accomplished and excelled in despite the backdrop of a global pandemic and racial injustice. She shared with them that “everything around you has the potential for change and progress, it is up to you to believe in yourself and your power to stand up for what is right, your power to think critically, and your power to impact the world positively and justly.”
The official program ended with the presentation of the diplomas by Mrs. Savoie and Mr. Potts. They shared insights on each graduate that made us smile and cry alike; it was a beautiful way to honor our students. Many remained on campus after graduation to play on the swings, slides and take a selfie as a video montage created by Alec D. played. 
We wish our graduates the greatest success as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey.