Sixth Grade

This year in social studies, 6th grade has journeyed through the ancient world from Mesopotamia to Egypt to Greece to China to Rome.  We’ve learned about emperors and rulers, conquests and wars, mythology and literature.  We’ve written in hieroglyphics. We’ve studied the city states of Greece and debated whether we’d live in Athens or Sparta.  We’ve toured the pyramids through the power of the Internet, created music videos to explain Greek mythology, and made Instagram pages for Greek gods.  We’ve spent time virtually at the Getty Center learning about ancient art. We’ve used our creativity to explain our learning in a one-pager where we can show off what we know in a creative way.  We’ve learned new vocabulary, studied maps, and learned how to take notes about what we learned.  It’s been a great learning experience and our 6th grade students are ready to fly into their future.