Colonial America - Fifth Grade

In-person learning returned to Crestview just in time for Fifth Graders to experience hands-on history for our Colonial America Unit. Students have adopted Colonial personas and are inventing lives for themselves as children learning trades in the 18th Century. In our imaginations, our Crestview Fifth Graders are living in 1770, and they are all fourteen years old. Next week, they will be given their apprenticeship indenture contracts and will paint signs for the trade shops where they will be apprenticed for the next "seven years." They are preparing for their lives as adults, but they have not yet left behind their childhood fascination with wooden toys like the hoop and stick toy, and the game of Graces. 

When we meet again via Rocket Blast, these same kids will have jumped ahead in time, completed their years of learning a trade, and will be facing an America which has declared itself independent from its Mother Country, Great Britain. Yes, my friends, we will soon be at war! Stay tuned for the adventures our Patriots will face in 1777!