We have a lot going on in Mindfulness class this week. In second grade we have been discussing the theme of generosity. What does it mean to be generous? How does it feel to be generous or receive generosity from someone else? We discussed how we often think of generosity meaning giving money or presents, but there are so many other ways of being generous that are not “things,” such as giving our time or showing care for a friend with a smile or a letter. We shared Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena, a beautiful book that embodies themes of giving and sharing and discussed examples of generosity we saw in the book and then students were invited to draw in their Mindfulness journals their own ideas on ways they could be generous with their families or friends. 
In kindergarten we are focusing on our ever changing emotions. We have taken a look at how different emotions feel on the inside and what they look like on the outside on our faces and through our body language. This week, we shared the book The Color Monster: A Pop-up Book About Feelings by Anna LLenas and then played a Mindful Game called Pink Bubble in which students imagine putting an emotion or situation that is bothering them into their bubble then releasing it into the air and waving goodbye and wishing it well as it floats away. Give it a try!