Third Grade

In social studies, Ms. Sands' third graders are continuing to learn about the state of California and the natural resources it provides. Students first studied the regions of California and their unique landforms. They worked to name mountain ranges, deserts, and rivers. The third graders then took their learning and applied it in a hands-on project making topographical maps of California out of salt dough which they mixed by hand. Next, students dove deeper into learning about how these great landforms are created. They discussed the ever present earthquakes we experience and how the plates of the Earth cause the upward movement of our mountain ranges. Students then took to a hands-on approach as they compared how the Earth is like an egg, dismantling their hard boiled Earth eggs layer by layer. Now, students continue their studies of a resource they've learned to call "liquid gold." They are discussing the importance of water in California and where our water comes from. Recently, students completed a poster project with the aim of educating their families at home on how they can conserve water. The third graders are learning how they can be advocates for California's resources, as well as, become even better citizens themselves.