Fifth Grade Literature and Social Studies

Fifth Grade Literature and Social Studies are keeping kids engaged in class and creative at home! In class, students are reading Where the Red Fern Grows and keeping notes about the characters' personalities, paying attention to different themes in the book, making inferences, and learning how to respond to comprehension questions with examples and detailed responses. In class in Social Studies, Fifth Graders just completed a "Would You Have Survived Jamestown?" simulation and used their knowledge from our recent studies to make wise decisions. At home, students recently submitted four mini-projects on plot, character, setting, and book recommendation on Padlet for the books they chose to read for their Newbery Book Reports. Mrs. Cregan was particularly impressed with the creativity and effort students put into their setting dioramas and multi-media projects. Back in October, Fifth Graders completed collages of European explorers where they used 3-D objects on their explorers' faces to represent facts they learned about these historical figures. Some of these impressive projects have made their way to campus and are bringing color and "life" to the Fifth Grade classrooms. We are thankful to have such a curious and conscientious group of Fifth Graders who are enthusiastically digesting and reflecting on the new information and skills they are learning. Their resiliency, effort, and commitment has kept our curriculum and their learning as rich and meaningful as any more traditional school year.