Crestview Student's Support Their Community

This all started when I heard one of Ms. Baudelia’s challenges, “Try and help your community, whether it is playing music, or putting up some motivational signs in your window.” I had seen many videos about people in the additive manufacturing community, such as the ones that use 3D printing to make face shields. Instead of putting up signs, I decided to make about 30 shields to help protect some of our local first responders from the coronavirus. It was tricky, I had to troubleshoot so many technical difficulties, but in the end, I got through it. A few days later, Dr. Yang (Zoey’s father) drove to our house to pick them up. He works with the Pasadena Fire Department, and they needed them. I put together this little video montage about the project. They sent some photos and apparently they really like them! Since then, I've been producing more, two at a time, as fast as I can. I hope that I can motivate any person reading this to try and help their community too. - Ellis (Sixth Grade Student)