Sixth Grade Overnight Trip

They balanced their science learning with a variety of activities on the island and in its surrounding water. The first activity helped the students understand the habitat from a new vantage point, underwater, as they snorkeled to find Garabaldi and other sea life. The second day was jam-packed and exciting, the students kayaked around the island to better appreciate the uniqueness of its geography. They continued with carrying out chores in the garden; working on the compost to add carbon elements, taking note of all things reused by both CELP and nature, and preparing a snack straight from the garden. The day of adventure ended with a night snorkel, given our budding scientists a sense of the biodiversity around the island and a peak at nocturnal life underwater. Finally, they ended the trip with a day hike reflecting on what they learned, their experiences, and a greater understanding of the importance our environment.