Crestview Celebrates Earth Week

Crestview celebrates earth week with a theme for each day! 
Monday, April 17: Wear Blue and Green.
Tuesday, April 18: Carry Your Trash Day.  To raise awareness of the amount of trash we produce, each student (or as a class) will be asked to carry all their trash for the day.
Wednesday, April 19: Vegetarian Day. We will invite everyone to be vegetarian for a day.
Thursday, April 20: A Day Unplugged. Eco Club suggest ways to have “a day unplugged” in your class room.  
Turn off lights.
Charge devices and use them on battery only, so literally “unplugged.”
Keep the thermostat set at 78°.
Limit printing to 10 pages.
Turn of lights.
Charge devices and use them on battery only, so literally “unplugged” but limit use to 1 hour.
Keep the thermostat set at 80°.
No printing.
Turn off lights.
Turn off thermostat.
No devices.

Friday, April 21: Carnival Day! Students will be asked to bring a bottled water to decorate. Other activities will include a cardboard maze, recycling game, banner, and a seed paper project.



…..and the band played on!

Braving wind gusts, pollen rain and flying sheet music, our Crestview String Ensemble, Beginning, and Advanced Bands and played a delightful program including compositions by Handel, Puccini and John Williams. After a rousing performance of the Eagle Summit March, the performance was moved to the Music room, with overflow capacity seated in the library. Our thanks to Ms. Baudelia and Mr. DeClerk for rapidly setting up the livestream so that all attending could see and hear the performance. We applaud our students who demonstrated a maturity unexpected in children so young, and talent that we’ve come to expect under the experienced tutelage of Mrs. Jin Do and Mr. John Nunez.



Gentle Barn Field Trip

The fourth grade visited the Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita, a farm animal rescue organization. The students hugged the cows, fed the horses and donkeys, and snuggled up to goats, turkeys, and pigs. In preparation, the students read the rescue stories on their website to better connect to the animals on trip. As part of a cross curricular project with Service Learning, the students made denim feed bags for the horses. That included measuring, cutting, sewing, and decorating. The Gentle Barn staff was very appreciative of our students’ hard work and their donation to the Gentle Barn. Check out the website at and visit the animals on Sundays when they’re open to the public. Experience the trip by checking out the video below. 



Track and Field Tournament

On March 10, our track team competed against eight different schools at Chandler's 51st annual track and field day. With our backs against the wall due to a late entry, our students competed fearlessly against all the other experienced schools and runners. Several of our student's earned ribbons for their efforts, but all of our students worked extremely hard to represent Crestview at the highest level. A special thank you to our very own Coach Alfredo and all who helped make this day a success! 



Crestview Gala

These photographs from last Saturday’s Moonlight, Blues & Bar B Q show that the only thing the rain dampened was the patio!  With eyes on the weather,and Crestview’s signature drink in hand, our guests  imbibed under the comfort of a marquee, whilst enjoying the Blues and moves of the band. Our thanks to Charlie Marko for being an outstanding Auctioneer, Cam Sanders,  whose photographs captured the joyous mood of the evening, and Blue Flame Whiskey  for keeping us entertained with their fabulous blues and rock renditions! Moonlight & Blues were enjoyed by Crestview parents, friends and supporters, who mingled, danced, and dined, whilst generously bidding on an assortment of terrific trips and experiences. For those of you unable to join us, we thank you for your generous support of our auction, and we look forward to seeing you at our gala next year!


Spirit Council Weekly Broadcast

Each week, our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade representatives collaborate with one another by writing, editing, and sharing their script with the faculty advisors.  After our students film the segment, it’s then sent out to all of the faculty to share with the student body on Monday mornings. They give us  the school news, upcoming Crestview sports games, a weather report, and some fun facts about the teachers in a new segment called “Teacher Trivia." Check out Februrary 13 morning's broadcast here!




Last week our fifth graders went to Astrocamp in Idyllwild, California. They zip lined, built and launched rockets, rock climbed the canyon walls of Valles Marineris on Mars, hiked under the stars, exploded hydrogen balloons, played with liquid nitrogen and explored the world of lights and lasers. All this in about three feet of snow! A good time was had by all and we were greeted back with lots of warm sunshine!



Sports Program

Our 2017 Crestview Rocket Basketball Season has begun! As of now, we have 7 confirmed games with 3 additional games and tournament still pending. With 18 students participating this season, we will be able to make two teams!  Since we do not have a full court, we will be traveling to all our games.  If you are interested in assisting with transportation and snack duty, please feel free to reach out. Thank you for your support and cheering us on!

Game Date:
Tuesday          1/24 vs Barnhart (3:30 pm)
Tuesday          1/31 vs White Memorial (3:30 pm)
Thursday         2/9 vs La Canada Prep (3:30 pm)
Wednesday     2/15 vs Bethany (3:30 pm)
Tuesday          2/21 vs Averson (3:45 pm)
Tuesday          2/28 vs New Horizon 
Wednesday     3/1 vs Bethany
Pending games against: St. Mark's, Gooden, and Chandler Tournament 



Vote for Contest

The fifth grade students wrote and delivered a persuasive speech on a particular word using a pun as their slogan. Contestants’ word choices included Vote for Moon, You Won’t Be Eclipsed, Vote for Clock, It’s Time You Did, and Vote for Car, It Won’t Steer You Wrong.  Their speeches needed to be memorized and a poster and simple costume and/or prop were required.  Mrs. Dorio, Ms. Contreras, and Mrs. G were our judges. Our “winners” were Sienna, Pierre, and Kyrmina. Everyone did a great job!




Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Grandparents and Special Friends Day was well attended with close to two hundred guests. This popular event is always a highlight of our calendar, and extends our school's ongoing reverence and celebration of family.  Crestview strongly believes that grandparents and Special friends have an honored place and a unique role in both the upbringing and education of the students . We look forward to welcoming them next year. A big thank you goes out to the  Grigorian Family for generously providing two waitstaff, and to our fabulous volunteer parents and alumni who graciously  contributed their time to this event!









Fifth Grade Drip Irrigation Project

Fifth grade, in conjunction with service learning and eco club, have been challenged to find an economical and efficient means of turning our current garden sprinklers into a drip irrigation system. The first step was to research the what and why of drip irrigation. Next was the design phase. Each group drew up plans including a list of materials. Phase three was to build and test their design. Each group will test and revise until we have a winning prototype. 









The Rockets flag football team final game!

The Rockets Flag Football Team’s first season has come to an end with lots of promise for next year.  Our final game of the season was a nail biter. It was a back and forth battle that had the crowd going wild. The Rockets ended up falling short on their final possession, but regardless of the outcome, the Crestview Rockets never stopped working hard as a team. Thank you to all that attended the game, the support couldn’t have been better. 







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